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We automate the production processes in the food and pharmaceuticals industries since 1994.                                        gm@goldmasters-bg.com

The beginning was set by designing and producing complex machines for filling, sealing and labelling of beverages with high alcoholic content, as well as non-standard equipment.
Subsequently the company specialized in designing and production of labelling machines, using various labelling technologies. After 2000 year, the main manufacturing program includes automatic rotary labelling machines of the ROLL FED type for labelling of cylindrical containers, using BOPP labels on roll and hot –melt glue, as well as labelling modules for self-adhesive labels.


How the GM12000 ROLL FED works

The labelling station simultaneously UNWINDS the continuous strip of labels from the roll, DRAWS OUT the specified label length, REGISTERS the appearance of the marker, CUTS the label, APPLIES hot-melt glue on the front and back end of the cut label, FEEDS AND STICKS the already glued label to the container, carried by the central rotor.

These processes take place under the constant monitoring and adjustment of the tensioning strength, applied to the continuous BOPP label strip.

The control system makes corrections in the label length in real time, which ensures precision in observing the specified length and unification of the labels cut.


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